Size Matters

Yes, but not in the way that you might think. Things are generally getting bigger, from smartphones to the (not so) Mini Cooper, in a world where resources seem to be running low and space forever at a minimum it seems ridiculous that such things keep getting larger. Surely for the sake of our planet we should be making things smaller?

Storage media is one thing that has consistently gotten smaller and more manageable over the years. You can now get a memory card no larger than a 5p coin that can store more hours of video than a shelf full of vhs tapes. Despite this, I know of many who have (or had until recently) a collection of video and audio tapes hogging a cupboard or shelf. You might ask "why haven't these people gotten rid of those antiquated chunks of plastic?". Usually the answer is that it is too much hassle to get rid or have them transferred to disc or hard drive.

It is time we took a stand. A stand against these tyrannical tapes holding our storage spaces hostage, for too long have they sat there and done nothing, heinously gathering dust. We must say "no more!".

So, buck up the courage and brave the dust and get your old tapes transferred to something you can actually watch like a dvd or a hard drive, although even dvd's are starting to die out now.

The possibilities for your now empty cupboard are endless...

I might have gone a bit overboard, but I'm passionate for what I do.

Plus, I need the money - I do do a good job in return though!

Thanks for reading my ramblings, please come back for more. I hope to be posting here regularly.


#vhs #tapes #transfer #dvd #harddrive

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