How I transfer your VHS tapes

Panasonic NV-HS 1000 vhs recorder

You are probably aware by now that one of the main aspects of my business is the digitisation of video tapes (usually vhs tapes), so I thought I should describe exactly how I do it.

We start with a vhs recorder. This isn't a ordinary bog standard one though, we use our brilliant Panasonic NV-HS 950 & 1000. Despite being from the 1990's these machines are in perfect working order and are well maintained. The reason why we use such old machines is that vhs was at its peak in the 1990's and so the best quality machines were available then.

We then feed the signal directly into my PC (via my Datavideo TBC 5000 time base corrector) through my Osprey 100e video capture card, audio is captured through the inbuild soundcard on the PC.

Once the video is saved on my PC, I put it together where necessary using my editing software (Cyberlink Powerdirector 14). It is then either burned onto a dvd or copied over to a hard drive, depending on what the customer requested.

Now you may be wondering what on earth a time base corrector is. That is what I thought when I first heard of them. They are basically a magical technological box thingy's that mysteriously corrects most of the wobble and flutter a lot of vhs tapes have. For the vast majority of tapes they increase the video quality amazingly.

Anyway, I hope this little article helped enlighten you to my methods.


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