Photograph Scanning

Set of old photographs to be scanned

Get your old photographs scanned into digital files using our professional photograph scanning service. In order to scan your photographs we first carefully examine and clean any dust off each photo, each photograph is then scanned. Once the scan is complete we then individually orientate and crop the resultant image to make it perfect for presentation. Each image is scanned at 600 DPI as standard, this is easily sufficient for most uses. Please ask if you require a higher resolution.

As standard we do do some restorative work to each image, including colour correction and dust/scratch removal. We also crop and properly orientate your images.

Negatives or slides (depending on condition) provide a far better picture quality when scanned, if you have the original negatives for your photographs it is advisable that you have these scanned instead.

We produce your images as either a JPEG or TIFF file format:

JPEG: Slightly less image quality, small file sizes

TIFF: Best possible image quality, large file sizes

1-99 images: £0.30 per image.

100-499 images: £0.25 per image

500+ images: £0.20 per image

Images are placed onto a data CD/DVD, these are viewable on most DVD players.

If you would prefer to have a memory stick/hard drive, we will provide one at cost.