Video & Audio FAQ

What formats of videotape are you able to transfer?

Currently we are capable of transferring (S)VHS, (S)VHS-C, Betamax, Video 8, Hi 8, Digital 8, Mini DV, Micro MV. However, we are always looking to expand our capabilities. If you have a format we are unable to transfer, contact us and we may be able to add it to our inventory. Please note that we will never take work that we cannot do ourselves, all work is done in house. 

I'm unsure what format of tape I have.

If you are unsure of the video tape formats you have, please see our services pages, they offer a description of each format. However, if you have any trouble, please contact us and I will help you personally. 

What type of DVD's do you use and will they play on my machine?

Normally I record your tapes onto DVD-R discs as they are the most compatible type. I will record to DVD+R if you think your DVD player only allows this type of disc, if you are unsure please consult your DVD player's manual. I am also able to record to DVD-Rom, DVD-RW or DVD+RW, however it is unlikely you will require this. 

Why do you only fit 2 hours onto each DVD?

Recording video to a DVD is a lossy process. This means that the video is compressed in order for it to fit onto the disc, the more compression the lower quality the video will be. If you fit more than two hours on the DVD, the quality of the video will noticably suffer. 

What is a standard DVD?

A standard DVD is a straight run of your video tapes onto DVD, each DVD will contain up to 2:00 hours of footage. This option includes a basic menu, providing each tape with a title. Chapter points will be placed every five minutes in order to aid navigation. 

What is a premium DVD?

A premium DVD contains up to 2:00 hours of high quality footage. This option includes a high quality personalised dvd menu, with chapter points placed at the start of a new segment of recording. The footage can also be edited to remove unwanted/useless sections of footage.

Can I order additional copies?

Yes, additional copies of each DVD are available at £4.00 each.

My question has not been answered, how do I contact you?

Please visit our contact us page for more information.