Photography FAQ

What is DPI?

Dots per Inch (DPI) is the term used to measure the density of an image, namely the number of dots that can be fit in a line within one inch (254 mm). Basically, the higher the DPI the larger the scanned image can be produced.

What is Digital ICE?

Digital ICE is short for Digital Image Correction and Enhancement is a set of technologies developed by Kodak. The process is used to remove surface defects , such as dust and scratches from images during the scanning process. The corrections are made during the scanning process and involves the use of two lamps, one a normal RGB lamp and the other infared. The infared lamp is used to detect the image defects and the image is modified based on the image produced by the RGB lamp.

What is the JPEG file format?

JPEG files are the most common format used to store images digitally. JPEg produces excellent results while also requiring the minimum amount of space on you hard drive. This small file size is a result of the image being compressed, which results in a loss of quality. JPEG does allow for different levels of compressions, with higher quality images being produced the less compression is used. As standard we save JPEG files with the lowest possible compression available, this allows for the best possible picture quality. If you require a higher quality we will save your files as TIFF upon request.

What is the TIFF file format?

Tagged Image File Format files are used to store images in the professional graphics and photography industries. TIFF produces a better quality of image to that of JPEG as the files are not compressed, they do however require much more hard drive space.

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